Eh Brah! Happy Road Rage

Here’s to my partners in crime — we figured out how to survive the Paia crawl. We were tootling along in the left-hand lane because we knew the bypass gate was closed.  They still wanted to sneak down the right-hand lane and then try to get back into the left — but we skunked ’em!  I got halfway into the right-hand lane, and you guys got all the way into it and halfway back again. We formed an impenetrable wall and dissuaded them from their wicked, wicked ways. It was fun. Thanks.



  • Time Billing Software

    Now a days most dont follow the road rules. Stopping the vehicle crossing the yellow lane, breaking the signals, rash driving, over speed everything has become common. 

  • Bill

    I don’t get it, are you saying you willfully pulled halfway into a lane to stop people from getting ahed of you? If so, that’s kind of mean spirited and illegal of you. Think about it, maybe the person you shut out HAD to get somewhere and you made them more late than they should have been. Maybe you kept someone from buying the winning lottery ticket at their local Quickie Mart and now their grandmother has to use her OLD rusty iron lung to breathe. Thanks to you. Now how do you feel?
    You made assumptions about others that were valid to you, I am making assumptions about you that are valid to me.
    Not much Aloha from you, brah. The worst part of it all is that you had to crow about it in a local magazine, proving to the world what slime you really are. Or maybe you just need some approval from others. None from me, thumbs down!

    • Joe

      Bill, you obviously don’t know what road they’re talking about. They were blocking the right-turn-only-to-take-the-bypass lane entering Paia, when they knew that the bypass was gated shut.

    • Blamo

      there is no lottery on Maui

  • Tony the Italian

    Big up, bruddahs! We’re all getting better at this sidestep move! Loooooove it!

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