Best of Maui

OK, first off, we understand that this election started in like February of 1997 and most people not named Obama or McCain (and maybe even those guys) are friggin’ sick of it. But there’s a reason why buzz got generated so early—because this election, whatever the outcome, marks the end of quite possibly the worst administration in the nation’s history (you’re off the hook, Warren G. Harding). It also presents the real possibility that we’ll send the first non-Caucasian to 1600 Pennsylvania, and he seems like a decent guy, with Hawaii roots, to boot.

So there are reasons to get excited. And we are excited, but not so much about the ballots that’ll be cast in November as the ones that were cast recently for our very own Best of Maui. You voted—in record numbers—we tabulated, and here are the results, presented by our hardworking team of contributors and augmented by some purely subjective editorial picks (hey, not everything has to be democratic).

Want to find out where the best pupus are sold? Or where you can buy a shot and a brew from the finest bartenders (male and female) on the island? Or which ocean activity readers picked as their favorite? The answers are inside. And we promise, this time it won’t come down to Ohio and Florida.

Contributors: Jessica Armstrong, Starr Begley, Chloe Bender, Kate Bradshaw, Rob Parsons, Anthony Pignataro, Lindsey Riesinger, Jen Russo, Jacob Shafer, Ynez Tongson.