Best of Maui 2011


And so much more. See, we’ve done a lot of Best of Maui issues. We’ve done them up with comics and Vegas glitz. We’ve shot them in 3D and made them look like celebrity tabloids. We’ve done big, splashy themes and subdued themes. And you know what? We’re exhausted.

So this year we had an idea. Why not just give readers what they really want—the winners—but with a twist. This year, we’ll give them a rundown on everyone who won, but for the first time we’ll SHOW you who they beat, and by how much. For every Best of Maui item, you’ll get an info-graph showing the winning percentage as well as those of the two closest runners-up and a summary of the rest. You’ll see the data just like we do—how some winners blew away the competitors, and HOW others barely squeaked by to victory. You’ll also get some bonus graphs that provide a little context—and humor—to some of the more popular categories.

Along the way, we’ve integrated the web and print versions of this issue as never before. We’ll be using Twitter to announce each and every BOM winner, and you can find those tweets in these pages, along with links and QR codes to expanded write-ups on the winners posted on our website. And if you’ve never used or heard of QR codes before this second, and have access to a smart phone, just use the handy guide to the left and enjoy!


Words by:
Anthony Pignataro @apignataro
Jen Russo @jenrusso
Ynez Tongson @angryshortgirl
Anu Yagi @anuheayagi
Keo Eaton

Photos by:
Sean Michael Hower

designs by:
Chris Skiles @lucky11studios