MauiTime Best of Maui BEST VIETNAMESE: A Saigon Cafe #BOM2013

210 BOM 2012 A Saigon Cafe- Vietnamese Sean M. Hower(c)

Best Vietnamese

A Saigon Cafe

Was it the summer rolls, the comedian waiters, their award-winning fried shrimp, or the Vietnamese burritos that our readers preferred? Probably all of the above. No matter what Vietnamese dish you order here or who you order it from, it’s the best on Maui. The menu is full of noodle dishes, hot pots, curries, seafood and veggies. Owner and chef Jennifer Nguyen’s cuisine has made this sometimes difficult to locate restaurant, but it’s definitely a journey worth taking. 1792 Main St., Wailuku; 808-243-9560. @jenrusso

Runner-up: Bale

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