MauiTime Best of Maui BEST LOCAL FOOD: Sam Sato’s #BOM2013


Best Local Food

Sam Sato’s

Sato’s on Wili Pa Loop in Wailuku has been known for noodles like dry mein and saimin, but their local grinds are the favorite for MauiTime’s readers. Sam’s location is one of the old spots in Wailuku, and it opens early at 6am but is closed by 2pm. You can expect it to be busy at lunch–you’ll have to wait for a seat in the small cafe, but it’s worth it. Their won ton mein, sandwiches, teriyaki and beef tomato are all great bargains at less than $8. Sam Sato’s also makes homemade manju and turnovers. If you’re too full, you should take some home, as they’re the house specialty. 1750 Wili Pa Loop, Wailuku; 808-244-7124. @jenrusso

Runner-up: Eskimo Candy

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