Shops at Wailea paid parking plan postponed


Plans to implement parking fees at The Shops at Wailea have been temporarily stalled. The initial plan was to begin charging customers and employees to park beginning May 1. But a rash of public and employee petitions have apparently caused the plans to be–at least–paused. According to this Hawaii Real Estate Blog post, employees were expected […]

University of Hawaii Regents vote for fossil fuel divestment


The University of Hawaii Board of Regents has decided that since combatting the effects of climate change is more important than possible economic profit, the school’s $66 million endowment should no longer invest in companies that produce fossil fuels, the university said in a May 21 statement posted online. “The board approached its discussion on divestment with the […]

New Ocean Vodka bottle receives international packaging award


Ocean Vodka‘s unique new bottle design has received an international packaging award. The new bottle, described as a contemporary expression of the ancient hand blown glass fishing net float, received the renowned Silver A’ Design Award in the A’ Packaging Design Competition’s packaging design category. The A’ Packaging Design Competition, based in Italy, aims to […]

Drew Toonz: Hawaiian Airlines made another emergency landing?


Illustration: Andrew Miller

Quizunderstood: Maui Mayor Arakawa called 2 councilmembers what?


1. On May 15, the local venture capital fund mbloom announced that a Chinese investor (whose identity mbloom is keeping quiet) has invested in the fund. How much did this investor give the fund? A. $1 million B. $5 million C. $10 million D. $15 million E. $20 million 2. On May 15, Pacific Business […]

Kahoolawe Commission needs $100,000 by June 15 or it will close access to island


Access to the island of Kaho’olawe could potentially end if the commission that oversees the island doesn’t raise $100,000 by June 15. To raise the money, the Kaho’olawe Island Reserve Commission (KIRC) has created an online GoFundMe campaign. “If we do not reach the $100K mark, the Reserve will be closed down–all resultant of this […]

NOTW: Unique fetish parties and copyrights that never die


WHAT A COUNTRY! There’s hardly a more “generic” song in America than “Happy Birthday to You,” but to this day (until a judge renders a decision in a pending case), Warner/Chappel Music is still trying to make big dollars off of the 16-word ditty (15 original words plus a user-supplied 16th). Its original copyright should […]

Starting a Business in Maui County


Maui County Business Resource Center presents Starting a Business in Maui County with Karen Arakawa this Tuesday, May 26. The economic development specialist will offer an overview of the requirements for starting a business in Maui County. Handouts, website and other useful information will be provided. Guests will also learn the requirements for a Maui County […]

County of Maui issues RFP for possible municipal electric utility


Looks like the County of Maui really is serious about possibly setting up a municipal electric utility–especially given the possible merger between Hawaiian Electric Industries and NextEra that’s pending before the state Public Utilities Commission. How that merger will affect Maui Electric Co. (MECO) is still a matter of conjecture. So on May 6, the […]

Maui Police to ‘enhance’ DUI enforcement during Memorial Day weekened


In honor of the fact that many people celebrate Memorial Day by goofing off and drinking, the Maui Police Department will be “enhancing”–their word–their efforts at stopping drinking and driving this holiday weekened. “The DUI Task Force Unit will be conducting several Intoxication Control Checkpoints at various locations throughout our county,” said MPD Sgt. Nick […]

Will Hawaii Gov. David Ige force county Liquor Control departments to define ‘dancing?’


After something like a decade of earnest testimony and moneyless lobbying, it looks like the Maui Dance Advocates may finally–FINALLY!–win their fight to force the Maui County Department of Liquor Control to do something they’ve steadfastly refused to do: define “dancing.” For many years, the LC has forced liquor licensees to regulate where and when […]

Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey suffers ‘hard-landing mishap’ on Oahu


“Hard-landing mishap.” That’s the euphemism the U.S. Marine Corps has chosen to describe the May 17 crash of one of their MV-22 Ospreys on Oahu. Video obtained by Honolulu news stations show the aircraft broke apart on impact and burned completely. “One Marine was killed when an MV-22 Osprey from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit […]

Na Ko O Hawaii Nei at MNBG

Sugarcane. Maui Nui Botanical Gardens.

Brush up on your knowledge of sugarcane this Saturday, May 23, during Maui Nui Botanical Garden’s Nā Kō O Hawaii Nei. Led by Noa Lincoln, who has devoted his studies to Hawaiian ethnobotany, participants will learn the historic significance and uses of the plant, explore the garden’s 43 varieties and learn about the various cultivation […]

Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard votes against USA Freedom Act


So last week, we reported that Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D–Hawaii, was really steamed about the National Security Agency’s surveillance of Americans’ phone records (which was also recently declared to be “illegal” in an Appeals Court ruling). In a May 7 statement, Gabbard said that she’d “authored and cosponsored several measures to overhaul U.S. surveillance law.” She […]

County of Maui secures special ferry package for this month’s 5th Friday Town Party on Lanai

Lanai 5th Friday_Street Scene

  The Mayor’s Office of Economic Development has teamed up with Expeditions Maui-Lanai Ferry and the Lanai Chamber of Commerce to urge Maui residents and visitors to support Lanai businesses. The group has set up round-trip ferry and ground transportation between Maui and Lanai—including a special late-night ferry that leaves Manele Harbor at 9:30pm–as an […]

PBS Hawaii to air Haleakala documentary TONIGHT (May 14)


PBS Hawaii will air a Maui-made documentary about Haleakala crater on May 14 (that’s TONIGHT) at 9pm Hawaii time. The documentary, The Quietest Place on Earth, was made by Emmy Award-winning Maui filmmaker Dr. Tom Vendetti Vendetti and co-producers Robert C. Stone and Rick Chatenever (who’s been steadily plugging the documentary in his Maui News […]