‘Maui News’ Press Breaks On One Day You Should Read The Paper


That’s right, kids: don’t bother looking for your shiny new Friday editions of The Maui News on your porches, driveways or even rooftops today. According to a publisher’s note posted on their website this morning, their press is broken and no papers are going out until this afternoon or, perhaps, Saturday.

That’s a shame because Wailuku attorney Ben Lowenthal, who writes the paper’s State of Aloha column every other Friday, has a real keeper in today’s paper. It’s on police surveillance, the War on Drugs and Hawaii’s infamous “Green Harvest”–helicopter assaults on marijuana growing.

“The ‘War on Drugs’ is a war on our own people,” Lowenthal writes. “The crackdown on narcotics has not helped people abstain from them.”

The article is, as of now, only available online. Thankfully, you can read the whole column here for free. Of course, The Maui News is only offering free online access today, so get to it!

Photo: Cannabis Training University/Wikimedia Commons

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