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Gannon's, Photo Courtesy of Bev Gannon Restaurants
Chef Bret Scott Pafford. Photo Courtesy of Bev Gannon Restaurants.






One of my favorite dishes to make at Gannon’s is the Seared Scallop and Pan fried long noodle. It has a very complex flavor profile that is addictive. This appetizer is available nightly at Gannon’s. It uses Hawaiian chilis and parsley grown Upcountry at “Fresh Island Herbs” and the noodles are made in-house. I have to have large dry pack fresh scallops and Hawaiian ripe red chilies in the kitchen. It’s a must! When you make this dish at home use use a fruity bouquet extra virgin olive oil, chopped fresh Hawaiian chilies, Italian flat leaf parsley and 100 percent durum wheat pasta dough.



Make your pasta ahead of time to ease prep time. For this dish your preparation time shrinks to about four minutes.



Seared Scallop and Pan Fried Long Noodle



Stainless steel 8″ pan


Fish spatula

2 gal pot (filled with salted boiling water)

Spider/hand strainer

Pasta rolling machine



2 oz Fresh Dry Pack scallop

2 oz. EVOO

3 oz Fresh pasta thin spaghetti cut (egg yolks)

2 each cloves of garlic shaved

1 each Hawaiian chili rough chop

1 oz micro garlic croutons (small dice pan fried in garlic oil)

1/2 oz Italian flat leaf parsley rough chop

1/4 lemon for juice and zest


Sear scallop. On high heat in a stainless steel pan with 1oz. of clarified butter until golden brown and flip and remove from heat.

Drop fresh pasta in salted boiling water for 3-4 minutes.

Add to the scallop pan Hawaiian chilies, shaved garlic, parsley, EVOO, lemon zest, the cooked pasta (in that order) and sauté on medium heat until the pasta is lightly pan-fried and slightly browned.

Serve in a deep bowl with pasta first. Then garnish with scallop and pour the remainder of the ingredients in the pan over the scallop. Sprinkle croutons and serve immediately.

(NOTE: use a fruity bouquet extra virgin olive oil, chopped fresh Hawaiian chilies,  Italian flat leaf parsley, 100 percent durum wheat pasta dough)

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